it/she/they/he/voi/ham/pop/urch/spark/magma/fun/pix/glow/🪐/🐛/🦑/💤 pronouns
marinegender , panromantic , nebularomantic , demiromantic , asexual , ambiamorous (taken 🥰)
white , autistic (professionally diagnosed!) , minor
bday dec 16th
a dubious little creature :)

(last update: february 20th 2024)

stuff i love and stuff like that !
("active" interests italic, current hyperfixations bold, special interests underlined !!!)
-naomi iwata media!!!!! (midnight horror school, gregory horror show, obake zukan, kick & slide)
-manbo-p's songs!!!!
-bobobo-bo bo-bobo!!!!
-star twinkle precure!!!
-indie games!!! (including but not limited to chicory a colorful tale, the upturned, rain world, bugsnax, scratchin melodii, songbird symphony, rhythm doctor, spelunky, fnaf, hollow knight)
-the legendary starfy!!!!
-demon slayer!
-certain object shows! (titletext[], moss, bfdi/tpot/xfohv, orb, burner, itft)
-sanrio! (sugarbunnies, my melody, beatcats, keroppi)
-ace attorney!
-rhythm heaven + warioware!
-horror things! games, creepypastas, etc! just not movies lol
- bugs, birds, sea creatures! (images of bugs will be tagged / spoilered !)

DNI (do not interact!!!)-homophobic, transphobic, racist, any other shit like that
-proshipper or like . think fiction doesnt affect reality (it very much does . people think cats can drink milk THEY CANT people think mice eat cheese THEY DONT!!!)
-cryptobro or (real) hexagon pfp
-support any of the things above
-nsfw account (if you have a sfw alt please follow me with that if you wanna follow me)
-you make fun of content/trigger warnings and tone indicators
BYF (before you follow!) (for twitter)-on twitter i tweet A LOT so muting me is recommended if you dont want tl spam
-might post nonsense a lot
-i have a typing quirk!!! its the asterisk i put at the start of messages/tweets i took it from undertale and it is engraved in my muscle memory
-dm for blacklist!
-don't use slurs around me!!! please!!! even if you can reclaim them!!! (...unless close friends)
- if i ever say anything wrong please please PLEASE tell me !!!
- i type silly! as in dont care abt typos, forget to close parethesis, add lots of exclamation marks 2 add a bit more personality to my messages, sometimes say stuff like "ya" instead of yea and replace to and are with 2 and r, and most notably i seemingly randomly exclaim RAHHHHHH its a high energy word i usually use when either really excited or really upset lol . also i capitalize the first letter of random words for emphasis or something I COULD GO ON AND ON
- will probably often joke abt biting or chewing on people. i am a creature
- i have a very big habit of rambling Oh so much.. especially about interests . i usually try to not do that unless i know people r okay with it but if you get me started on a topic i happen to like i will not shut up until im done

KINS (?)
- PURIRIN (shizuku-chan)
- X (x finds out his value / battle for bfdi)
- ROSSO (midnight horror school)
- ZOBIE (midnight horror school)
- THE SPACY BROTHERS (tamagotchi) (yes all three of them. at the same time)
- NAZOTCHI (tamagotchi)
- SPEARMASTER (rain world)
- NAIL (extraordinarily excellent entities)
- CAM (rhythm heaven)
- NANO (nichijou)
- BEAR (hamtaro)
- OXNARD (hamtaro)
(they make me very happy :3 )
- hiroshi , ghost tv (obake zukan)
- tv fish , bonehead , mummy dog , sleepy sheep (gregory horror show)
- fonton , yumyum... (midnight horror school)
- prunce (star twinkle precure)
- tokoro tennosuke , dengakuman (bobobo-bo bo-bobo)
- spacytchi , akaspetchi , pipospetchi , nazotchi (tamagotchi)
- kitasato (sweet float apartment by manbo-p)
- nejikawa , tour (jewelpet)
- spearmaster (rain world)
- hanaji , hanatare , yurei , longlong MY WIFE (shizuku-chan)
- pandausa , komugiusa (sugarbunnies)
- biscuit (one of my ocs)
- the entire main cast of nichijou (mai, mio, yukko, nano, sakamoto, the professor) (nichijou)
- boss , nande , maxwell , seedric (hamtaro)
- newton , soak (keroppi & friends)
- cam , trey , donna , that scrapped referee dude from drummer duel (rhythm heaven)
- penny , alien bunnies , mike , doris 1 (warioware)
- lancer , berdly (deltarune)
- mia fey, lotta hart (ace attorney)
- cabbage , clover , furry ball , seedless grape (mysterious object super show)
(make me very giddy) (lots of ships not listed cuz im too embarrassed)
- logan x hailey (rhythm doctor)
- maxwell x sandy (hamtaro)
- my melody x my sweet piano (sanrio)
- penny's song from warioware
- remix 8 (ost version) from rhythm heaven ds
- remix 4 from rhythm heaven ds
- remix 7 from rhythm heaven ds
- dreams of our generation from rhythm heaven fever
- you can always come home from deltarune chapter 2
- bokura no aikotoba by kiyoura natsumi
- hello marina by inabakumori
- kakakata kataomoi by hyadain
- puff piece from the rhythm doc ost
- sleepy garden from the rhythm doc ost
- hitchcock by yorushika
- itte by yorushika
- dream sweet in sea major by miracle musical
- strobe light by powapowa-p
- beautiful fiction by pinocchiop
- melty land nightmare by harumaki gohan
- as you like it by eve
- ......my superhero movie
- kirai tune by freenote